2010 - 2012
All trades and returns are independently verified and tracked by since the first live signal in December 2009. Collective2 stats are based on real historical trading signals.

Number of trades 44
Profitable trades 79.5%
Average trade duration 6.4 days

Annual return (compounded) 59.8%
Max historical drawdown 30.56%
Sharpe ratio 1.10

During the most recent three years the S&P 500 stock market trading system has returned on average 59 percent annualy versus the U.S. stock markets average annual return of 10 percent.


Our S&P timing approach is based on a computer generated, mathematical model that analyzes the S&P 500 index on a daily basis and computes the probability of an UP or DOWN move developing.

The objective is to profit from swings in price movement in the direction of the primary trend through buying and selling S&P E-Mini futures.

With S&P 500 BUY and SELL signals, you will always know when to ENTER and when to EXIT the stock market.

Unlike most stock market timers we do not aim for "big wins" and quick profits, but for reducing the risk of trading stocks.

This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. But if you are patiently investing for the long term, our S&P trading signals is an excellent timing tool for managing risk and preserving capital.

S&P 500 trading allows you to consistently accumulate small annual gains and grow your capital with significantly less risk than the buy-and- hold approach.™ is run by Ronny Skog Invest ( 948806967), a small Norwegian investment publishing company founded on February 19, 1995.
The system trades a maximum of two S&P E-Mini futures (usually one at a time). But it can be used to trade any U.S. index (S&P 500, Dow or Nasdaq) as they generally follow each other.
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Compounded returns 2010-2012
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